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e ration card west bengal

e-Ration Card (PDF) Download Online Process West Bengal 2023

The West Bengal government has now made it easier to download digital e-ration cards from its official website.

The ration card can be easily downloaded in a few steps.


In this article, you will get to know the following details about the West Bengal digital e-ration card:

  1. e-Ration Card Download
  2. About
  3. Eligibility
  4. Features
  5. Benefits

Let’s see each of these points in detail.

Steps to download e-Ration Card PDF in West Bengal

Video guide to download e-Ration card in West Bengal:

You can watch the video if you want.

To download the West Bengal e-Ration Card online in PDF format,

  1. First, you need to go to the official website of the West Bengal food department by visiting
  2. Once the website opens, click on the “Ration Card” option. A new page will open.
  3. Now click on the “Download your e Ration Card” button. Another page will open.
  4. Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Click to download e-Ration Card” option.
  5. On the new Page, enter your Ration Card Number and Category in the specified fields.
  6. After entering the details, click on the ‘Search’ button.
  7. The details of your ration card will be displayed. Click on the ‘Download’ button.
  8. Your e-Ration Card will be downloaded.

(Direct link to the download page)

If you are downloading from your mobile, go to and scroll down a bit to find the ‘Ration Card’ option.

Now follow the same steps from “Step 3” above.


About West Bengal e-ration Card

e ration card sample

According to the West Bengal government, an e-ration card is an individual PDF document that is issued by the authority under the Food and Supplies Department, Government of West Bengal.

This card has the same importance as a physical ration card and can be shown instead of a physical ration card.

It can be used to purchase public distribution commodities and other commodities of daily use as specified requirements from time to time at the fair price shops.

In simple terms, in West Bengal, an e-ration card is a duplicate ration card in PDF format.

Eligibility for West Bengal e Ration card

In order to download your e-ration card, you must have your Aadhar Card and mobile number linked with your digital ration card.

If it’s not linked, follow the steps to link your Aadhaar Card and mobile number with your ration card.

Features of West Bengal e-Ration Card

The main features of an e-Ration Card are,

  1. An e-Ration Card has the same privileges as a Digital Ration Card.
  2. e-Ration Card can be verified online anytime by anyone through the embedded QR code.
  3. e-Ration Card can be downloaded anytime from the official website


Benefits of West Bengal e Ration Card

The benefits of having an e-Ration card (e-RC) are,

  1. You will not have to carry Digital Ration Card in physical/paper format to receive foodgrains in a Ration Shop.
  2. You can carry a copy of the e-Ration Card printed on plain paper to receive the food grains.
  3. You can also show a soft copy/pdf of the e-Ration Card on your mobile phone to receive the food grains from the Ration Shop.
  4. You can download a copy of his e-Ration Card from the website at any time, anywhere, and at any number of times.


Are e-Ration Cards and Digital Ration cards the same?

e-Ration Card is a PDF version or a soft copy of your Digital Ration Card. A Digital Ration Card on the other hand is a physical card.

How can I get an e-Ration Card?

An e-Ration Card can be downloaded anytime, anywhere and any number of times from the Official Website of the West Bengal Food and Supplies department.

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Disclaimer: The Information provided above is for educational purposes only. The images used are for representative purposes only.