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west bengal lockdown extented

West Bengal Lockdown extended till 31st March

Update: 24.03.2020: PM Modi declares complete lockdown in India for 21 days.

To combat the COVID-19 that’s spreading all across the world, the West Bengal government on 22nd of March declared a lockdown in certain municipal areas in 23 districts till 27th March.

But with the increased risk and with the possibility of an outbreak in the state CM, Mamata Banerjee in a press meeting on Tuesday, 24th March, stated that the lockdown will be extended till 31st March.

She also stated that now the entire state including all cities and villages in the state will be under lockdown.

“After assessing the situation, it has been decided that the ongoing lockdown will be extended to the entire state from 5 PM today.” Mamta Banerjee told in a press conference.

Official notification of what will remain open and what will remain closed is already released on the 22nd.

Flights and Trains are already canceled till the 31st of March.

Roads connecting to other states have also been blocked to prevent the entry of any person from the neighboring states. Only vehicles carrying essential items like food are allowed to enter.

The violation of lockdown will be treated as a criminal offense. On Monday, 255 people were arrested in Kolkata due to the violation of the lockdown.

The Asansol-Durgapur police have also provided helpline numbers to report any violations of the lockdown or to report any possible case of someone effected with COVID-19.

We are requesting all our readers to Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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