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parijayi sahay scheme

West Bengal “Parijayi Sahay” Prakalpa Scheme – Eligibility, Benefits

The West Bengal government recently introduced a new scheme called the “Parijayi Sahay” or the Migrants Assistance for the migrant workers of West Bengal.

Under this new scheme, all migrant workers will receive free food grains even if they don’t have a ration card.


In this article, you will get to know the following details about the West Bengal “Parijayi Sahay” scheme:

Now let’s see each of these points in detail…


Name of the SchemeParijayi Sahay
Launched byGovernment of West Bengal
BeneficieriesMigrant Workers of West Bengal
BenefitsFree food grains



In order to be eligible for the “Parijayi Sahay” scheme,

  • Must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
  • You must be a migrant worker, i.e., someone working in another state of India.


Migrant workers from all over West Bengal can receive free food grains up to 5 kgs every month even if they or their family does not have a ration card.


The West Bengal government is collecting data about the migrant workers of West Bengal.

In case the migrant worker or his/her family doesn’t have a ration card they will be provided coupons.

This coupon can be shown at any ration shop to get up to 5 kgs of food grains every month.


Before the vote, the West Bengal Government have stated that they will introduce many new schemes for migrant workers. The “Parijayi Sahay” prakalpa is one such scheme.

The West Bengal government Duare Sarkar camp will soon come to an end after running for about a month all across West Bengal.

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