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swasthya ingit scheme wb

West Bengal “Swasthya Ingit” Free Telemedicine Scheme 2023

The West Bengal government on Monday 2nd August inaugurated the new “Swastha Ingit” scheme.

The scheme is introduced with the vision to provide specialized doctor advice to the remotest part of the state for free.


It is termed as a free telemedicine e-clinic by the media.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the new “Swasthya Ingit” scheme:

Now let’s see each of these points in detail…

About West Bengal Swasthya Ingit Scheme 2021

Name of the SchemeSwasthya Ingit
Launched ByGovernment of West Bengal
BeneficiaryCitizens of West Bengal
ObjectiveFree Health Advice and Diagnosis
Year of Launch2021

Under this new Swasthya Ingit scheme, citizens of West Bengal, especially villagers will have easy access to medical advice from doctors through selected health centers.

They will also get free medical advice thereby reducing the cost of health expenses and will even get faster diagnosis and treatment.


According to West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, the infrastructure will be developed in such a way that even residents of a remote village can share their problems with the doctor or expert present at district headquarters or subdivisions virtually.

They will also receive immediate advice and also the prescription will be sent online

The government will initially set up 2313 Su-Swasthya Kendras (Health Centers) as decentralized e-clinics from where the services will be provided.

Benefits of West Bengal Swasthya Ingit Scheme 2021

You can get the following benefits from the new Swasthya Ingit Scheme of the West Bengal government:

  1. Free specialzed Doctor’s consultation.
  2. Faster diagnosis.
  3. Free online treatment.
  4. Easy access to healthcare.
  5. Online prescription will be provided.

Phone Number/Contact of West Bengal Swasthya Ingit Scheme 2021

You need to visit your nearest e-clinic or the health centers near you. They will connect you with specialized doctors through online video conferencing for diagionisis.

You can contact the Direct Telemedicine line provided by the West Bengal government at 033-2357-6001.


This new scheme will be implemented in all the districts of West Bengal through the health centers located across the state.

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