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youth taken out of train at andal

Youth taken out of train at Andal due to COVID-19 scare

On the request of Co-passengers, a 23years old youth was brought down at Andal station and was sent to Asansol Rail Hospital for Coronavirus testing by RPF.

This was done as a precaution to prevent the spread of Coronavirus on the request of his co-passengers. The incident took place on the Chennai-Guwahati express.

The passenger was a resident of Suri in Birbhum district.

According to the sources, he was returning home via the UP Chennai- Guwahati express, when he started feeling sick. On noticing this, his co-passengers advised him to get down from the train and to seek treatment.

After being alerted, the RPF, GRP and Station Master of Andal got him out of the train and after a short treatment sent him to Asansol for further treatment.

He said he was working as a construction worker in Chennai where he started feeling sick two days back. Due to this, his co-workers advised him to go back home.

After some tests at Asansol Railway Station, he was released as nothing doubtful was found.

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Precautions are taken at full scale to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus all across the state.

The West Bengal government had also entended the closedown of schools and colleges till 15th April.

Cover pic Source: WhatsApp Circulation

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