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PicsArt 12 24 06.18.07

After getting out of the Main Gate over bridge, the aeroplane may now be in legal trouble

In addition to the freezing temperature in West Bengal, a heavy fog is prevailing for the last 2 days causing major trouble for the livelihood during early morning.

Apart from that Durgapur viewed another major incident today morning.

A unservicable cargo aeroplane of The Indian Post was being carried by a 32 wheeler lorry from Kolkata to Bihar on NH2 after the aeroplane was sold off to an organization in Bihar.

Due to the over bridge near Main gate ,in Durgapur, the aeroplane got stuck all of a sudden creating a snarl up in the Main gate and neighborhood areas.

The locals previously informed a no. of times to the Durgapur Steel Plant about the illegal construction of a overbridges in a National Highway would lead to an accident amy time.But the plant authorities were not bothered about the fact.

On hearing this incident the police commisonates and officers reached the site to make suitable arrangements to take aside the stuck plane under the bridge . A huge crowd gathered there to see the incident inspite of the cold weather.

After trying for about 6hrs, the plane was finally removed from under the overbridge.

After being removed, it now got stuck in legal trouble.

According to NHAI, before taking anything like this through the National Highway, a survey needs to be done to see if it’s possible at all or not. Also the central transportation ministry needs to be informed, which was not done by the transportation company.

The road near main gate only got damaged due to the incident. Thus untill a decision is taken regarding the matter, the trailer will be kept beside the road.

A police complaint may also be filed.

Watch Video of the incident:

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