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Major Fairs that are organised in Durgapur

Durgapur is a city where a lot of fairs are organized. Some of the major ones are listed below.

If you live in Durgapur and have not visited any of them, you are missing an important thing.


Here are some of the major fairs in Durgapur…

Rath Yatra Mela

For more than 18 years, this particular fair has been held at the same venue which is the Rajiv Gandhi Mela Ground. People from all over Durgapur as well as from surrounding regions like Asansol, Raniganj, etc. visit the Mela in large numbers. It is undoubtedly a celebration time for the people of Durgapur.

Every year it attracts a large number of visitors from Durgapur and surrounding areas. Even the rain can’t reduce the number of people visiting it.

Kalpataru Mela

The Kalpataru Mela is one of the oldest as well as the biggest fairs held in the Gammon Friends’ ground, which is near the Durgapur Railway Station. It is an annual fair that starts on the 1st of January every year and continues for 10 days.


Two other fairs that are held simultaneously during this time are the book fair and the agricultural fair or the ‘Krishi Mela.’

The book fair attracts huge crowds mainly because of the cultural programs performed every day during the fair. Renowned publishers from Kolkata set up their stalls at this fair and people not only from Durgapur but from all adjoining areas flock to the fair each year.

The agricultural fair is another attraction for people who are interested in gardening. They go seeking rare plants, flowers, and seeds that are put up for sale there. Food is another attraction, along with pickles, jewelry, and textile stalls.

The rich culture of West Bengal is prevalent even in the city of Durgapur, where you will get a taste of its tradition through the people and their food habits, religion, dresses, etc.