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Flyover at the Mayabazar Railgate is still a dream!

Mayabazar rail gate has become a hell for the local residents. This rail gate falls on the way from Gandhi more to Maya Bazaar.

From emergency patients to those in a hurry to cross, this rail gate has taken many lives. The main reason is the never ending waiting time in this rail gate.

There are a lot of trains passing through this area in a very short interval. Trains from Rajdhani, Shatabdi to the Asansol Burdwan local trains all ply on these lines. And as the duration between the two trains is very less, the people have to wait for a long long time. In the last few years, with an increase in the number of trains on this route, the problem of the waiting time in this rail gate just multiplied.

flyover mayabazar
pic by Soumen Mondal

This road is very busy all day as many schools, colleges, industries like DSTPS and banks fall on this road. Thus often people get late for school and work. In a hurry, most of them cross the line from underneath and become a victim to accidents.

According to a local resident,” We often have to wait for a very long time in the rail gate. We often see people cross it from underneath and accidents happen. We don’t have any other options. Otherwise, we will get late for work.”

In 2006, contraction of a flyover was proposed. But no steps were taken after that. It’s more than 10years now and a flyover is still a dream for residents of the area.

Ex-ADDA chairman Dr. Nikhil Banerjee also promised to send a letter to the Railway Ministry proposing the contraction of a flyover in that area, but it never happened.

Present Chairman Tapas Bandhapadhay said, “The responsibility of construction of the flyover is of the Railway and DVC and we want this problem to be solved as soon as possible”.

Even after lots of promises and hopes the problem still remains, the population increased, the number of trains increased, the time of waiting at the rail gate increased, and the problems as well.

Unless a flyover is constructed in the area, the problems are not going to end. We hope that the management will look into the matter and will take the necessary steps needed to solve this major problem that the people in this area are facing every day.

(Thanks, Soumen Mondal for bringing the issue forward)

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