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Rumors of Tiger sighting creates panic in Durgapur

The news that a Tiger was seen on Tuesday night near Prantika, Benachity spread like wildfire all across Durgapur and also via Whatsapp.

It is said that it was seen near Central Stores of Durgapur Steel Plant located at Prantika.

But after clarification from the forest department, it is clear that it was just a rumor and the news is not true.

From Tuesday night the news starts to spread that footprints of a tiger were spotted in the forest of the central stores located in Prantika and that the guards have also seen an animal of that of the shape of a tiger in the forest.

After the news spread, people start to gather near the Central Stores of DSP in Prantika in order to see the footprints.

After getting the news the forest department came to the spot and after a brief verification confirmed that the footprint was not of a tiger but that of some wild cat. The took the footprint sample for further verification and requested the general public not to spread the rumor.

After detailed verification, the forest department confirmed that the footprint was that of an animal known as the “Fishing Cat”, which is a type of wild cat.

They also confirmed that the animal is harmless so there is nothing to be feared. However, the animal is still not found and the forest department is carrying out the search.

Cover Pic Credits: Issan Mittal

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