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Picnic spots near durgapur

10 Famous Picnic Spots Near Durgapur

Winter is knocking at the door and so is the urge to go on a picnic.

The time between November to January is the prime time for arranging a picnic, not only in Durgapur but in all of India. If you are a Durgapurian, then there are plenty of picnic spots near you.

What you have to do is just mark your calendar, gather some of your friends or family members, and throw a picnic.

Now the main question comes, where to go on a picnic near Durgapur?

For you people, we have picked some of the best picnic spots near Durgapur.

Here, we are mentioning 10 famous picnic spots near our hometown.

The list consists:

Without wasting further time, let’s discuss about the spots individually.

1. Nachan Dam

If you are a resident of Durgapur, then Nachan Dam is the perfect spot for a picnic. The beauty of this lake and its surrounding is splendid.

Dense forest or Palash at the edge of the lake will make you spellbound.

There is a nature park with flower beds, a children’s park, and a bungalow near the lake.

Having a cup of tea with your beloved one at the bank of the lake on a chilling winter morning while watching the fogs drifting over the Nachan lake and listening to the chirping of birds should be mind-boggling.

Distance of Nachan Dam from Durgapur Steel Township: 15 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Nachan Dam

2. Deul Park

This particular park is a charming little area in the suburbs of Durgapur by the river Ajay. Deul is not only rich in nature, but also rich in historical significance.

ichai ghosai deul

The simple yet splendid scenic beauty and calmness of the winter morning will blow your mind.

Distance of Deul Park from Durgapur Steel Township: 29 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Deul Park

3. Randiha Dam (Rondia)

About 10 kilometers from Panagarh on NH2 and about 19 km downstream from the Durgapur barrage, Randiha is a splendid tourist spot as well as a great picnic spot.

This place, on the bank of Damodar, offers a beautiful mixture of greenery and blue water which make it the perfect spot for arranging a picnic.

The quiet of the place will make you aware of the sounds of nature.

Distance of Randiha from Durgapur Steel Township: 30 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Rondia

4. Huchukdanga

Huchukdanga is an astonishing resort and park and even a great spot for a picnic in Durgapur. It is situated by the bank of the river Damodar.

A calm and beautiful environment is the specialty of this place and this will mesmerize you.

This place has an arrangement of different water sports and boating in the lake, which adds a charm to the picnic.

Distance of Huchukdanga from Durgapur Steel Township: 10 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Huchukdanga

5. Panchet Dam

This place has breathtaking scenery with an amazing combination of dam water, mountains, greenery, and clouds.

It is not that far away from Durgapur. You can enjoy boating and all kind of water sports here. The scenery is so astonishing that you will fall in love with nature here.

Distance of Panchet Dam from Durgapur Steel Township: 75 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Panchet Dam

6. Susunia Hill

Susunia is 1500 ft High hill located in West Bengal. It is situated at Northwestern part of Bankura district, not too far away from Durgapur.

This place will offer you plenty of natural beauty in form of cascading waterfalls, plenty of greenery, river Gandheswari flowing down the hill, and many more.

Let yourself be free among the folk of Shal and Palash trees and walk through the soft green light while climbing up the slopes of the hill.

The picture-perfect scenery of the hill with the chirping of varieties of birds will definitely soothe your mind.

Distance of Susunia Hill from Durgapur Steel Township: 55 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Susunia Hill

7. Nehru park

This is one of the best nature parks in Burnpur.

Especially in winter, the scenic beauty of this place always welcomes you to hangout with your family or beloved one.

The landscape along with fountains are quite enjoyable. Besides all of these, this Park also offers you boating in the lake.

Due to added activities for children, it is even more attractive for family outings and ideal for picnics.

Distance of Nehru Park from Durgapur Steel Township: 55 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Nehru Park

8. Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a popular town in the Bankura district, not that far away from Durgapur.

It is famous for Terracotta temples as well as its scenic beauty. The glorious past of this town is reflected in its rich architecture, pottery, and weaving.

ras mancha bishnupur
Credits: Swarnab Dutta

Also, this town is appropriate for a lovely picnic spot.

Distance of Bishnupur from Durgapur Steel Township: 76 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Bishnupur

9. Mukutmanipur

A beautiful dam surrounded by small hills, Mukutmanipur is an astonishing place to be visited in winter.

It is located 55 km from Bankura and not so far away from Durgapur. So, arranging a picnic will never be a problem.

You can enjoy a picnic, with your family or friends amidst the tranquillity of nature. Far away from crowded and busy city life, this destination can be your way to escape from the daily hustle.

Distance of Mukutmanipur from Durgapur Steel Township: 128 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Mukutmanipur

10. Bakreshwar

Bakreshwar, situated in the Birbhum district is widely known for its hot water springs and temples.

A dam located near the place, called Nil Nirjon is also a suitable place for arranging a picnic with your family or friends.

The time needed to travel Bakreshwar from Durgapur is hardly one to two hours.

Distance of Bakreshwar from Durgapur Steel Township: 53 KM

Location: Google Map Location of Bakreshwar

So here are our top 10 recommendations of picnic spots near Durgapur.

The season of the picnic is coming soon. Pick anyone from this list and arrange a picnic to gift yourself a day away from your hectic life.

Also, try to arrange a picnic with all safety measures and protocols.

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