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16 Water ATMs Inaugurated in Durgapur – Get Mineral Water at Just Rs.1

16 water ATMs were inaugurated in different parts of Durgapur on Friday. 13 of which are open to the general public. 3 more will be opened to the general public soon.

They were inaugurated by Mayor Dilip Agasti. Deputy Mayor Anindita Mukhopadhyay and others were also present at the inauguration.

Summer is almost here. We often come across a situation, especially in the summer months, where we go to a place and then we desperately need a bottle of cold water as the water we have is already finished.

In this situation, we often have to go to a shop and spend Rs.20 for a bottle of water.

Most of the people may not be able to afford to spend Rs.20 for a bottle of clean water.

Keeping their situation in mind, the Durgapur Municipal Corporation set up these water ATMs at different parts of Durgapur, like in City Center, in front of SD Hospital, Birbhanpur, ESI Hospital, and others.

There are a lot of people who come to Durgapur for work. These water ATMs will be extremely beneficial for them as well.

According to DMC, the general public will get 500ML of water for Rs.1 and 1L of water for Rs.2 which they can get by putting coins in the water ATMs.

They will also get 5L for Rs10, 10L for Rs.20 and 20L for Rs.40. But for these, they need to obtain a special water card from DMC. These are done so that there is no selling of this water from the water ATMs in black.

Durgapurians are very happy with this initiative.

Cover Pic: Girrish Sharma

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