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Cmeri car flusher

360° Car Flasher developed by CMERI to sanitize Cars

Duragpur: In this current situation, everything is needed to be sanitized including the cars. But cars are often neglected to be sanitized.

That idea clicked in the mind of engineers of Durgapur Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI, Durgapur) and they made a prototype of 360° Car Flusher.

This is capable of sanitizing both two and four wheelers and is very beneficial for both Offices and Gated communities.

So, what is this 360° car Flusher?

• It is a square frame structure, made of iron pipes. There are many nozzles in that pipes.

• If a two wheeler of four wheeler come to a certain distance to the flusher, it automatically starts to spray solution of Sodium Hypochlorite, as there is a sensor in that system.

• As the Sodium Hypochlorite solution is harmful for human body, so in case of two wheeler, the rider has to stand by the side of his vehicle.

• There is no need of any man to operate this machine, as this is automated.

According to the notice, published by Government, it was stated that, the vehicles entering the public sectors should be sanitized.

That’s why, the scientists of CMERI had decided to make this automatic 360° car Flusher.

Watch the Video:

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