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Shiv lingas ajay river

500 years old Shivlings emerged from Ajay River near Durgapur

Durgapur: On Thursday morning, one by one 10 ancient Shiva Lingas came up from the river bed of the Ajay River near Durgapur.

This ‘miracle’ happened in the Gogla Gram Panchayat area of ​​Laudoha Faridpur block of Durgapur in Paschim Bardhaman. People started coming in large numbers on the shores of the Ajay River to see this.


They also started saying that Mahadev himself have come to save the area from the pandemic. People started worshiping the Shivlings there only.

The incident happened when the locals went to collect sand from the river bed of the Ajay River. At first, they saw one Shivling embedded in the sand. As soon as they continued digging, 9 more Shivlings emerged from the river bed.

After that the word started spreading like wildfire and people started gathering to the spot in large numbers to see and started sharing pics on social media.


Historians believe that these shivlings dates back to the Rarh Dynasty and is therefore more than 500 years old.

Cover Pic Source: Facebook

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