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Dpl job case

9 arrested for trying to join DPL using fake recruitment letter

9 people have been arrested on Friday, from Durgapur Project Limited (DPL).

They were all carrying fake recruitment letters. Among them 2 were female.

According to sources, 9 individuals came from Dhaldanga, Purulia. They showed the fake recruitment letters to the security guards and gained access to enter HR Department of DPL.

There were no signature of authority in the recruitment letters. That made them prime suspect at that point.

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Later, all of their recruitment letters and documents where cross checked and a complaint was lodged at Coke Oven Police Station.

Police arrested all 9 of them.

After investigation, they all reported that, the recruitment letters were handed on to them by a single person.

As they came here, they came to know that those recruitment letters were fake. Police has arrested the person who gave them the letters, Bappa Sit too and he is being interrogated.

Public Relations Officer of DPL, Swagata Mitra has stated that the recruitment of DPL is conducted via official website of DPL and there should be signature of officials in the appointment letters.

Police has stated that further investigation is still going on.

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