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durgapur old note bag

Bag full of old Rs. 500 note recovered from Durgapur

Durgapur: While clearing the forest near C- Zone, some DMC contractual workers found a bag full of old 500rs. notes.

The incident happened on Monday morning and has created a buzz around the city.


According to news sources, today morning few contractual workers were cleaning up the forest near C Zone.

Suddenly one of them found some old 500 rupees note lying around. He quickly informs the supervisor who advised him to collect all the old ₹500 notes that can be found in the area.

Soon they found a bag full of 500 rupees notes from the jungle. The supervisor informed the authorities at DMC, who then called the police.

Soon the police came and recovered the bag along with all the five hundred rupees notes.

The authorities are speculating that this is probably black money as it has not been submitted during the “Note-Bandi”.


Have the notes not been canceled, the price of all these notes is would have been around Rs. 40,000.

The recovery of old five hundred rupee notes about three years later created a lot of Buzz around Durgapur.

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