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Bhiringi kali mandir

Bhiringi Kali Mandir to reopen from this date

Durgapur: Recently Bengal CM announced in a recent order that all the religious places may reopen on 1st June, 2020.

Following the announcement made, Bhiringi Kali Bari will also reopen tomorrow, 1st June.

The Temple authority have also said that tomorrow is a very holy day for the reopening of the temple premise.

The Bhiringi Kali Bari will reopen tomorrow maintaining strict rules of social distancing.

People will be allowed to enter temple after sanitizing themselves with soap and water that will be kept outside the temple.

From tomorrow onwards all the worship rituals will take place as usual.

This year as the temples were closed, many businesses and shop owners were not able to offer Pujas for their “Halkhata” or new ledger book opening.

According to certain news sources, the Bhiringi Kali Temple authorities have also stated that if the Business and shop owners want, they can also give pujas for the new ledger book opening in the temple.

According to sources, the Sarbamangala Temple located near Barddhaman will also open from tomorrow onwards.

However the Kalyaneshwari temple located near the Bengal Jharkhand border will however not open as of now as in the fear of the spread of COVID-19.

Cover Photo Credits: Google Maps

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