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City centre cruch remain closed

City Centre Church to remain closed for general public on Christmas

Durgapur: City Centre church has always been the perfect place in Durgapur for the residents of Durgapur to go on Christmas eve.

Every year thousands of visitors stand in a queue to visit the well-decorated church and offer candles to Lord Jesus.

This year also, the church is decorated with flowers and lights.

But this year, keeping in view the health and safety regulations, the authorities said that the ‘St. Theresa Catholic Church’ in City Center, one of the largest churches in Durgapur, will be closed all day on 25th December.

According to sources, the authorities have said, if the church remain open, there will be huge problems in controlling the crowd and maintain safety precautions, and so it has been decided to close the church completely on Christmas.

However, the program will take place in front of the church in the empty place beside Khudiram Sarani. There will also be a place to offer candles. Visitors can come and offer their prayers my maintaining proper distance.

The nativity scene, i.e. the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ will also be depicted on one side for visitors.

According to the church authorities, every year Santa Claus goes around and gives chocolates to the children. But this time there will be two Santa Clauses and they will walk around and distribute masks to those who don’t have them.

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