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CMERI ventilator new

CMERI Durgapur develop new indigenous ventilator

Durgapur: It’s been almost 3months since the Pandemic hit us and the number of affected people are increasing ever since.

Medical staffs and hospitals all across the globe are trying their best to cure all the people affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Ventilators play a crucial role in the treatment of these patients as the virus effects the trachea and lungs.

With the increase in the number of COVID-19 infected patients, many hospitals are unable to provide the required number of ventilators.

That’s where potable ventilators come in use.
Many research organisations around the globe are working on developing cost effective potable ventilators to meet the ever increasing need.

CMERI Durgapur recently developed a cost effective mechanical ventilator at a relatively low cost.

On Wednesday, a demo was also given in front of the Media.

CMERI director, Dr. Harish Hirani stated that the cost of making this indigenous mechanical ventilators are just around 1 lakh, which is comparability low.

This indigenously developed ventilator uses a mechanical bellow and is a volume controlled ventilator.

This ventilator had undergond multiple technical and design changes after receiving feedbacks from healthcare professionals from two private hospitals in Durgapur.

This ventilator will be further upgraded depending on the requirements of the various patients parameters.

CMERI Durgapur expects that this new portable ventilators will be very beneficial for the treatment of patients during this Pandemic.

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