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COVID took 5 lives in Durgapur in just 3 days

Durgapur: The COVID cases in Durgapur is in the rise ever since May.

In Paschim Bardhaman, the CoVID cases have crossed 1500. The number of cases in Durgapur is also quite high in Durgapur.

According to sources, in Durgapur COVID has taken 5 lives in just 3 days.

Some areas of Benachity has been declared as containment zones as well.

On Friday, a woman of Benachity Natun Pally lost her life while battling with COVID.

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On Saturday, two persons aged 61 and 62 also lost their lives. One of them is a resident of Benachity area of Durgapur.

Yesterday, on 9th August, another person from New Township area of Durgapur lost his life to COVID.

According to a media report, 11 members of a family in Benachity also tested positive. The area was sanitized and has been declared as containment zone.

According to a bulletine by WB Health Ministry, 76 new cases has been reported in Paschim Bardhaman on Sunday.

1736 total cases has been reported in Paschim Bardhaman till date, out of which 933 has been recovered and discharged

A total of 14 people have lost their live till date in Paschim Bardhaman according to the bulletin.

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