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cmeri develops robot to fight corona

CSIR-CMERI has developed robotic device to deliver patient’s food and medicine and collect sample

Recently, CSIR-CMERI of Durgapur have developed a new robotic device which is named Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device or the “HCARD”, which is developed especially for the aid of the nurses and doctors in the COVID-19 affected hospitals.

With the help of this robotic device, the health workers can maintain a suitable distance from the patients that have tested positive to COVID-19 to prevent further spread of the disease.

The robotic device has an audio-visual system that will enable easy and good communication between the doctor and the patients from a distance.

Along with this, there are 6 unique drawers which would be helpful to exchange essentials like food, water, medicine, files, and prescription.

Every drawer is made germ free by ultraviolet rays.

The device can be easily controlled by the operator from a 500-meter nursing booth by a remote.

The director of CMERI, Dr.Harish Hirani asserted that presently the service of the device would be a major help for the patients suffering from corona and doctors because maintaining a standard distance between them would reduce the chances for the medical team from getting infected with corona.

CMERI have released a video explaining the fuctioning of the device, have a look.

The device weighs less than 80kg and about ₹5lacs were invested for building this project.

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