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Deul garh jungle

Deul and Garh Jungle may soon be modified to attract tourists

The Forest Ministry of West Bengal has decided to refurbish the Garh Jungle of Kanksa block like the national parks of North Bengal for tourist attraction.

Three years ago, this jungle was announced as a reserve forest.

In this jungle, there is a presence of various animals, birds, and herbs. Not only the natural resources but the temple of Shyamrupa, villages of tribal folks on the bank of the river Ajay are major sites of attraction.

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For tourists, a trekking route, which is about 10 km long is being set up in that area. This will start from Kanksa Shibpur, all the way to Deul park.

Tourists will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of the jungle from watchtowers.

Also, there a plan for constructing a hand-loom hub for the tourists in the area.

This Friday, Minister of the Forest Department of West Bengal, Mr Rajib Banarjee inaugurated a Day Centre and the trekking route. According to him, this jungle will be refurbished like the national parks of North Bengal.

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