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District administration plans to built home for stray dogs!

District Administration of Paschim Bardhaman district is now planning to build home for the stray dogs. They told that they will request lands from DSP and IISCO, Burnpur for this purpose.

On Tuesday meeting was called in Asansol by the District Magistrate Sasanka Sethi to discuss about the ways to prevent the torture on stray dogs. Many other topics related to this was also discussed.

In this meeting a commitee was also formed for this purpose with our district magistrate as it’s chairman. Deputy director of Livestock development department Tapan Rai, police volunteers and other NGO volunteers will also be a part of the committee.

It was also decided that a survey will be done to see and number of stray dogs and cats in the Asansol Durgapur area and it is also decided that vaccination of these animals will be done.

The main motive of the meeting was however was about how to stop the torture that these stray animals are facing daily.

The livestock development department was also told to collect number and address of those organisations who rescue and work for the betterment of these animals. They will be called next time and their opinions will also be taken in the matter.

This is a very big decision in the development, protection and vaccination of stray animals in the Asansol-Durgapur region.

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