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dpl records electric generation

DPL sets new record in electricity generation

Durgapur: Recently Durgapur Project Limited (DPL) on Thursday, June 11, created a record by generating 505 Megawatt of electricity from its 7 and 8 no. units in Durgapur.

They have claimed that this is their new record of electricity generation which has been the highest in the last decade.

This is made possible despite the lockdown situation that has been going on across India.

According to Public Relations Officer of DPL, Swagata Mitra, an average of 400-450 Megawatt of electricity is generated daily in DPL.

According to the sources, DPL authorities have informed that this new record in its electricity generation has been possible due to the smooth working of machines in both the units and the favorable conditions for the electric current generation.

The 7no.unit of DPL is constructed by a Chinese company. According to the authorities, the unit failed many times initially and it took almost a year to repair it.

It was designed to generate 300 MW power. It failed quite a number of times after that as well.

Later on, it didn’t work up to the mark. This had also raised various questions about the technical abilities of China.

The Unit of DPL, Durgapur was constructed by the Indian company BHEL and it was designed to generate 250 MW of electricity.

On Thursday the 7no.unit produced 257 MW and 8 no. produced 248 MW of electricity.

This is a new combined record in the history of electric generation in DPL in the past decade.

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