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duare sarkar camp postponed

Duare Sarkar camps have been postponed in West Bengal

Kolkata: The Duare Sarkar Camp Prakalpa, which was scheduled to start on 3rd January 2022 has been temporarily suspended in all districts.

According to news sources, this decision was taken due to the sudden rise in the number of COVID cases in West Bengal.

The number of new cases in Kolkata has also tripled in the last three days.


The new dates of the Duare Sarkar camps throughout West Bengal will be announced later.

On Saturday, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the West Bengal health department have announced a “system alert” to contain the spread of the virus.

According to State health secretary Narayan Swaroop Nigam, a ‘system alert’ involves keeping hospitals, health management, district administration, and police on alert so that they could be ready with their plan of action in case of a rise in the number of cases in the state.


Previously the Duare Sarkar camps were scheduled from 3rd January to 10th January and 21st January to 29th January 2022.

A schedule for the Duare Sarkar program in Durgapur was also released.

However, this government program has now been temporarily suspended until further notice.

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