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Durgapur – City, hard and strong

The place of birth is always special and it gets extra special when the place is such beautiful and pure like “Durgapur”.

“Durgapur, a city hard and strong, we offer to your soil”, had been the rhythm of morning prayers during my secondary schooling at St. Xavier’s Durgapur, and indeed during all the days since my inception, I have constantly learned things from Durgapur.

The steel structure that imbibes the perpetual growth of the city and houses thousands of dreams is home to many and gives shelter to a large mass. Over the 21 years that I have been living in this Land, I have seen many ups and downs occurring to this city and have also understood how firmly the base had been built that Durgapur could face every tornado with a brave heart and a spiritual mind and gain success by ruling out all negativities.

Durgapur teaches one to face challenges like it stands tall facing every situation and grows with experiences. Durgapur being the birthplace just doesn’t hold memories but also preserves and captures moments of extreme sadness and happiness that no other place in my life could hold.

The steel township where I have stayed for the last 18 years has offered me the tenacity and robustness to tackle matters with a sharp brain and open heart. The leaves, the trees, and the saplings provide calmness in the city and resist the scorching heat waves enabling pedestrians to walk through streets.

The cleanliness of the city is a perfect example of places that are mismanaged and exploited for resources but not taken care off. The reduced pollution rates have helped me live better as I always had critical asthma and the Doctor advised me to shift to hilly regions during my class 6 education but leaving Durgapur was a sentimental clash, an emotional disturbance, and an unhappening event.

Eventually, reduced rates of pollutants in the air due to well-controlled measured by the Durgapur Municipal Corporation has helped me live in the land till today.

The only thing is the sponge iron plants in the outskirts of the land which cause a large proportion of acid rain and cause harm to the human skin and the leaves of plants.

Therefore, I conclude the note with a warm feeling for my land, promising that wherever I am and whatever be my task, I will always be there when the land demands my presence.