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Durgapur mini bus services resumes

Durgapur Mini-Bus services resumes – See fare and rules

After being completely shut for almost 3months due to the lockdown, Durgapur’s lifeline, the mini-bus service resumes from Tuesday morning.

According to the sources, the Mini bus services started in some routes on Tuesday morning.

However the Mini-Bus owners association have stated that the buses will run on almost all routes starting from Wednesday.

The fare for the Mini-Bus services are kept the same as of now. However they have requested the government for a slight increase in the fare.

They have stated that in this time of lockdown, is is not possible to run the mini bus services in the same fare as the number of passengers per bus is very low.

The mini buses have also implied the same safety measures as declared by the government.

A set of rules has been set for all the passengers, like, face mask are mandetory for all passengers.

They should sanitize their hands before getting on the bus. Sanitizer will be provided.

The buses are allowed to only pick the number of passengers equal to the sitting capacity of the bus. No standing passengers will be allowed.

According to the sources, Face mask, gloves, and cap has been provided to all the drivers and conductors by the Bus owners association.

The resuming of the Durgapur Mini Bus services will be very beneficial for the daily passengers who use them for daily commute to work as most of the offices have reopened.

What are your opinion about the resuming of the mini bus services in Durgapur? Let us know in the comments.

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