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Dmc rapid antigen test

Durgapur Municipal Corporation starts free Rapid Antigen test in Durgapur

Durgapur: After the 2nd wave, the condition in India is getting worse. The number of cases and deaths in the state is also on the rise. The situation is so serious that beds are not available in hospitals or nursing homes.


Also, there is an increase in the demand for oxygen. Doctors and health workers are struggling to cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, some international reports have informed us that the third wave is expected to come after about 6 months.

In Durgapur, the Durgapur Municipal corporation started a new initiative to control the worsening situation.

They started the free “Rapid Antigen Test” for all the residents of Durgapur with the hope that this will be beneficial for many residents.


The free Rapid Antigen test initiative was launched on Thursday, 20th May 2021 by the Durgapur Municipal Corporation at the Sidhu Kanu Stadium in City Center, Durgapur.

On the first day, a lot of people gathered to get themselves tested. According to senior officials, they can test about 50 people a day with this new initiative.

DMC’s health department has also said that the service will continue indefinitely to combat the increase in new cases.

According to the bulletin by the West Bengal health department, 641 new cases were reported on Monday (19th May) alone. 847 people have recovered yesterday.

Currently there are 5697 active cases in the Paschim Bardhaman district.

As of 20th May, Monday, a total of 46,506 cases were reported and 40,557 people have recovered in the district. 252 people have lost their lives.

In West Bengal, the total number of cases reached 12,09,958, and out of them, 10,64,553 people have recovered so far.

Currently, Kolkata has the highest number of active cases followed by North 24 Parganas.

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