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Durgapur land tax submission

Durgapur Subdivision Land Tax Submission – Area wise Timings

Sub-Divisional Land & Land reforms office, Durgapur subdivision has released a notice a few days back which mentions the area-wise timings for the submission of taxes like Land Tax in that department.

According to the notice, this is done to prevent overcrowding during the ongoing situation.


The notice mentions that the tax can be submitted from Tuesday to Friday. It also mentioned that the land tax of which area under the Durgapur subdivision can be submitted and on which day.

Below mentioned are the area-wise breakdown and the days when the land tax of these areas can be submitted.

TUESDAYBhiringi (119), Narayanpur (108), Chaksagar (060), Jogurbandh (062), Bijupara (057), Horibazar (106)
WEDNESDAYDhandabag (118), Faridpur (078), Gopinathpur (085), Angadpur (002), Raturia (090), Gopalmath (003), Radhamadhabpur (087), Birbhanpur (091), Amrai (058), Mamra (208), Sujra (063), Mohanpur (061), Goyalara (078)
THURSDAYMejedihi (065), Parulia (113), Benachity (117), Waria (123), Dhunra (070), Pursa (071), Par-Radhamadhobpur (101)
FRIDAYFuljhore (107), Kaksha (059), Kururia (056), Nodiha (092), Mohiskapur (075), Punabad (069), Pordou ( 001), Kamalpur (211), Sobhapur (115), Arjunpur (206), Chokbhobani (077)


The timings for the submission of land tax of the Durgapur subdivision are from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on the above-mentioned days.

It is also mentioned that masks are mandatory and social distancing must be maintained during the submission of land tax.

Durgapur land tax dates

The Notice also mentioned that a total of only 100 receipts can be submitted in a day.


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