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Finally water supplied to some parts of Durgapur after almost 7 days

Durgapur: After waiting for about 7 long days, the residents of Durgapur have finally started receiving water.

On Friday, 6th November, evening, water is supplied to some parts of Durgapur like the DPL Township and some parts of AZone and BZone.

People have shared videos of it on social media, while other residents of the “Steel City” is still waiting for the water supply in their area.

Watch a video shared by Jesmin Anowar on Facebook:

As soon as this video was uploaded, people started commenting that they have still not received any water.

According to sources, water started entering the feeder canal on Friday afternoon. After that, it reached the DPL pumping station and was supplied to DPL.

The administration has stated that electricity generation of unit no.7, which was stopped temporarily due to lack of water, will start from tomorrow.

After that, parts of DPL Township started receiving water as well by late evening. Water was also supplied to parts of Azone and Bzone during late evening.

The administration have assured that the rest of Durgapur will also start receiving water by tomorrow morning.

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