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Durgapur steel plant gas

Gas leak in Durgapur Steel Plant

Durgapur: Yet another incident took place inside the Durgapur steel plant.

This time 10 workers fell ill due to a poisonous gas leak in the factory, one of them is in critical condition. The accident happened on Friday night at around 8:30 PM.

According to news sources, on Friday night, there was a sudden gas leak in the Gas Cleaning plant unit. The gas was comprised mainly of Carbon monoxide from the blast furnace.

The six or seven workers who were working there were affected by this gas. While rescuing them, four more workers fell ill due to it.

Immediately the Plant Medical was informed and an ambulance came to the spot of the incident.

Those ten people were then rescued and first taken to Plant Medical. Although nine people were released after basic treatment, a worker named Meghnath Mandal was shifted to a private hospital in Bidhannagar as his condition became critical.

According to news sources, one of the ten people who were affected in this incident is an officer, seven are permanent workers and the other two are contractor laborers.

This day’s accident caused anger among the workers. They complained that the administration is not at all worried about the safety of the workers in the factory.

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