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Durgapur waterlogged

Heavy rain in Durgapur, life boats came to rescue

Durgapur: Yesterday, 17th September, on the day of “Mahalaya”, heavy rain at night caused water logging in many areas of Durgapur.

Water logging have become quite common in some areas in past years as per records.

But the water logging after yesterday’s rain, is quite uncommon.

Many residential areas and houses under water even now.

Like previous years, Main Gate area has been devastated massively. Huge number of houses of that area are under water.

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Many people have to leave their houses behind to save their own lives. After the heavy rain, it was seen that B zone area was water logged still in the morning.

The residential quarters of no. 2 street where underwater. Besides all of this, there was no electricity supply throughout the night in Durgapur.

Tapaban area of 54ft, road was also under water for a long time. Many slam areas in different areas of Durgapur became waterlogged as well.

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Many other areas of Duragpur like IQ City, Amrai, some parts of Benachity, also become waterlogged.

Disaster management team with lifeboats have been appointed by counsellors of different wards to help the helpless people out there.

News sources claimed that more then 200 people were rescued from the waters.

It is quite unusual to see water logging in town like Durgapur.

Durgapur have last seen so much water logging, before yesterday, in the year 1987.

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