"Kalpataru Mela with Social distancing" will be held in Durgapur - See date and place

“Kalpataru Mela with Social distancing” will be held in Durgapur – See date and place

Durgapur: Kalpataru mela, the annual fair and festival that takes place at the Kalpataru Mela ground near DPL Township, is going to be held this year as well.

According to sources, the Mayor of Durgapur, Sri Dilip Agasty has made it clear to the media that Kalpataru Mela will be held this year with all safety measures.

However, what are all the steps that will be taken is still not clear.

Every year the Kalpataru mela starts around 1st January to and goes on till the 10th January and this year also, the dates are expected to remain the same.

Thousands of people, not only from Durgapur, but also from parts of Bankura, Andal and Kanksha, visit this Mela.

Being one of the biggest melas that is organized in Durgapur, this Mela also adds a great economic value to the area.

The term Kalpataru actually means a tree that fulfills every wish.

On January 1, 1886 it is said Ramkrishna had a self revelation and on that day everyones wish was fulfilled by him just like a Kalpataru.

After that day, Kalpataru utsav and mela started at Kasipur.

At Sadhudanga Kalikananda Ramkrishna ashram, Durgapur, the KALPATARU UTSAV started at 1964.

This fair is the oldest and biggest fair at Durgapur with krisi mela, book fair, a cultural programme and industrial fair.

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