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local trains start west bengal

Local trains may soon start operations in West Bengal

The West Bengal government, on Friday, 29th October, has decided to extend the ongoing partial lockdown for 30 more days.

The partial lockdown in West Bengal has been extended till 30th November 2021 with big relaxation.


Most of the guidelines that are currently in effect will continue to be in effect. Only some relaxation has been added.

Below mentioned are some key points regarding the relaxations given on the ongoing partial lockdown in West Bengal:

  1. Intra-State Local trains may start operations with 50% seating capacity.
  2. Schools for IX – XII, colleges and universities will open with 16.11.2021 following the standard operating procedure.
  3. Cinema hall shopping malls auditorium James may be allowed to operate with 70% capacity.
  4. Coaching centres for competitive exams mad men open with 70% capacity.
  5. Restaurant and bars main operate with 70% seating capacity.
  6. Indore social gatherings including marriage ceremonies may be allowed with 70% capacity of the hall.


The Official notice regarding the same is provided below:

november lockdown notice
nov lockdown notice 2

The announcement regarding these revised guidelines was done via a press release.

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