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Ma Manasa Rises from local pond! A superstitious incident was seen in Arjunpur

A commotion occurred regarding a serious superstitious incident in a resident’s house of ward no.37 in Arjunpur. He dreamt that Ma Manasa wants to dwell in his house who inhabits the local pool.

His property and assets would flourish if the advice given in his dream would turn into reality. On one hand the excitement of Manasa puja and on the other the dream advice to prosper in reality added to the warmth of the occasion.

Two Red robed Tantriks were called from Bokaro to turn the dream into reality. During the sunset, the Tantriks took a dive in the pool and came up with a large krait snake and the local women welcomed it as an incarnation of goddess Manasa.

They touched the feet of Tantriks and they celebrated the victory with a grandeur. The foregoing residents of steel city and the logical opposers of Arjunpur were left shocked by the superstitious incident.

One of the local residents and logical thinker, Tapan Bauri were against the superstitious, irrational event & people. Tapan Bauri proved with logical and scientific reasoning that kraits do not reside in water. It generally lives in a rat hole or termite heap.

The people nowadays are blinded by illusions and superstitions. He said that this was actually a fake incident instead of thinking something extraordinary.

He convinced that these Tantriks fooled the people to fill their pockets.

Tapan Bari along with other residents of Pursa, Angadpur, Jitennagar, DTPS colony proclaimed strong opposition’s against the superstitions.

Beware of such fake superstitious incidents.


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