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Mobile Snatching Racket in Durgapur- 6 arrested

Recently, mobile snatching had become a normal scenario in different areas of Durgapur.

Basically the mobile snatchers snatch the phones in a fraction of second and escape by bikes.

The Waria Phari police investigated the reports of mobile snatching in the area and arrested 6 of the culprits, who are the residents of the Kada Road area in Durgapur.

On being enquired, the arrested people mentioned that the name of the main culprit is Shankar Show who owns a mobile shop and is linked to the mobile snatching incidents. He was arrested and 46 mobile phones were recovered.

They were presented before the court on Friday.

The police are investigating this matter to a greater depth to know more about the culprits and the racket.

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