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New rules to be introduced to protect children on motor vehicles

Children riding pillion on two-wheelers may soon have to wear a helmet and a safety harness attached to the rider.

The central government seeks to amend the 1989 “Central Motor Vehicles” Act to ensure the safety of children riding on two-wheelers vehicles.


A number of new laws have been proposed by the “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways”. All states will have to change the laws accordingly and the new rules will come into effect from 2022.

These news laws will be for the safety of the children aged 9 months to 4 years.

Some of the proposed changes to the “Central Motor Vehicles Act” includes:

  1. It is mandatory to tie the child pillion on the motorbike with safety harness to the driver.
  2. Safety harnesses should be durable and light and they should have a carrying capacity of 30 kg.
  3. Safety harness should be made of good quality nylon (such as Magic Seat Harness) and better if its made of multi filament.
  4. Child pillion must have helmets with ISI mark on their heads.
  5. If the child is riding on the pillion, the speed of the motorcycle should not be more than 40 km.

Violation of all the above rules will result in a fine of Rs.1000 and the driver’s driving license will be confiscated.


The central government is drafting all these rules and regulations to make the lives of young children more secure while riding in two-wheeler vehicles.

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