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Durgapur porcupine spotted

Big sized Porcupine spotted in Durgapur

Durgapur: Yesterday, in early morning an adult male porcupine was rescued from Coke Oven Rail Gate area of Durgapur.

Generally this animal can’t be found in congested residential areas, but the people are guessing that in search of food it came to this area.

A male adult porcupine weighs about 10-12 kg or sometimes even more.

“Team Durgapur snake and wild lovers” was informed about this porcupine by local residents.

They reached there in no time to rescue this animal.

For them it was really a tough job to rescue that adult porcupine, but they accepted the challenge.

Mr. Debasish Majumdar, member of “Team Durgapur snake and wild lovers”, with help of his colleagues and local residents tried to capture the porcupine.

After several attempts they were able to catch it and put it in a box, and the animal was successfully rescued.

Finally, it was released in the jungle of Deul, Durgapur.

Members of “Team Durgapur snake and wild lovers” and some enthusiastic local residents captured video of this animal.

After it was uploaded in social media by a member of the team, Mr. Arindam Chakraborty, the video went viral and grabbed a lot of people’s attention.

Generally, this kind of animal isn’t seen in industrial areas like Durgapur, but it is supposed that it came to locality from nearby forest, in search of food.

Watch the video:

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