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SBSTC advance booking

SBSTC to provide a new advance booking facility to passengers

Durgapur: In the times when regular travel has been restricted to a great extent, the South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) will now provide a new advance booking facility for passengers.

SBSTC, on Sunday, inaugurated a kiosk at City Centre Bus Stand at Durgapur, from where passengers can now book tickets one month in advance.

This is done to provide better services to passengers and to prevent large number of people gathering to book tickets.

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The pre booking kiosk was inaugurated by the Chairman of SBSTC, Col. Diptangshu Chowdhury in the presence of Durgapur Mayor Dilip Kumar Agasti and Managing director of SBSTC, Kirankumar Golada.

This new “Information Kiosk” will be set up in 34 places across West Bengal as per reports and has already been setup in some places.

Apart from Pre Booking, this is kiosks will also provide information about bus timings, route description and fare chart.

As the locals trains are not running, the people are dependent completely on SBSTC for inter-district travel.

According to SBSTC, this new advance booking facility will help reduce the gathering of people to book tickets thereby reducing the spread.

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