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Sanchyon short film

Short film “Sanchyon” is representing Durgapur at International level

Durgapur: Crisis of water has become a major problem around the world.

Scarcity of water is haunting different nations across the earth.

So, to raise awareness, Souvik Das, a filmmaker and video editor from Durgapur, has made a short film named “Sanchayan”.

His inspiration behind making this film is his mother. His mother, Ila Das is a school teacher.

Souvik and his team has directed this short film with great effort.

The production cost of this film is very low. This film is shot in various parts of Durgapur.

The actors and actresses in this film never acted in front of camera before. But, the effort of making this short film was top notch.

That’s why this short film is being approved by various film festivals.

In the year 2019, the journey of team “Sanchayan” began.

This short film participated in numerous film festivals.

But, for the very first time it was nominated by England’s First Time Film Maker Session, 2019 Film Festival.

From there, the “Sanchayan” team never turned back.

Their film was nominated again in New York Lift of Session Film Festival, 2019 and Al-Nahj International Film Festival of Iraq in the year 2020 consistently.

This film has also been applauded by Jharkhand International Film Festival and Award.

Souvik Das and his mother Ila Das has stated that, they are eager to make such movies in near future.

We congratulate Souvik and his team for this huge achievement and for representing Durgapur at such a big international platform.

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