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Complete lockdown dates

West Bengal complete lockdown dates changed

Kolkata: Last month, Chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee announced complete lockdown in entire state, on some specific dates to stabilize the rate off affected due to covid-19.

After that announcement, dates were changed several times for different reasons.

Today, on 12th August, again from Nabanna, it has been declared that there will be no lockdown on August 28th in West Bengal.

The reason behind withdrawal of lockdown on August 28th is that, if there is lockdown on that day, then the banks will remain closed for four consecutive days in the end of the month.

Lockdown change notice

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So, in this pandemic, people may face a lot of problems.

No substitute date has been announced till now.

So, it is assumed that, there will be complete lockdown for four more days on 20th, 21st, 27th and 31st August.

Though the complete lockdown had been declared all over the state, there is no sign of drop of COVID cases in West Bengal till date.

Number of total affected has been crossed more than one lakh total only in this state.

According to the medical Bulletin published by West Bengal Government, do the rate of affected has increased.

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