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12 Religious Places in Durgapur | Places Of Worship In Durgapur

Apart from being a steel city, there are a lot of religious places in Durgapur.

Throughout the years, the city of Durgapur has remained united in spite of the diversity in religion.


The religious temples, mosques, and churches draw devotees from all religions to experience eternal & spiritual internal peace.

Here are the 12 religious places in and around Durgapur

Now let’s see a little bit about each one of them…

1. Rarheswar Shiv Temple, Arrah

Rarheswar Shiv Temple Durgapur

Rarheswar Shiv Mandir, situated in Arrah, Durgapur, is one of the oldest and famous religious places in Durgapur.

Known to be 800 years old, this temple was built by South Indian Maharajas in the 12th century A.D. in the Nagara style.


The huge lingam is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum. The temple is made of laterite and sandstone with marvelous stone cuttings.

It was reportedly built to protect the village from the attack of Bhaskar Pandit, who was a worshipper of Shiva.

2. Bhiringi Kali Temple, Benachity

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Credits: Swarnab Dutta

The Bhiringi Kali Mandir also known as the Sashan Kali Mandir is the most ancient religious Kali temple situated in Benachity, Bhiringi in the city of Durgapur.

It was built in the year 1852 by Akshay Kumar Ray.

The temple has a big idol of goddess Kali and the walls are engraved with different sculptures of many god and goddesses.

A Trishul stands outside the main temple which is believed to behold spiritual signs.

Every month on the new moon nights a goat is sacrificed as a ritual. It is the most awakened Kali mandir in Durgapur.

3. Ram Mandir, Bidhannagar

Ram Mandir is situated in Bidhannagar, Durgapur. The temple is calm and serene and is situated amidst a beautiful large garden.

The ambiance of the ringing bells and arati fulfills the minds of devotees.


The temple is covered by greeneries. It has well-stone carved walls and is basically dedicated to Lord Rama. It is a very important religious place to visit in Durgapur.

4. Icchai Ghosh Temple, Deul

Ichhai Ghoser Deul Temple
Icchai Ghoser Deul Temple

Icchai Ghosher Deul also called tower temple (18m height) is located in Gourangapur, Paschim Burdwan in the vicinity of the Ajay River flowing by it.

It was constructed in the 16th – 17th centuries. It was a plain brick structure with an area covering 20 sq. ft.

It is a monument of national importance and one of the famous temples of religious interest.

5. ISKON Temple, A-Zone

This religious temple dedicated to Lord Radha – Krishna is located at 29 Netaji Subhash Road A-Zone Durgapur-05.

This is the extension of Iskon Mayapur. A grand feast is held every Sunday from 4 PM -7 PM.


It includes heart delighted kirtans, lectures, mesmerizing dances, and prasad in the name of Govindam.

6. Noori Jama Masjid, Benachity

noori masjid
Credits: Google Maps/Md Shahadat

Noori Jama Masjid is a very significant religious mosque in Naim Nagar, Durgapur.

It is a big masjid and a very peaceful mosque in Durgapur. The beauty of the mosque is quite charming.

The area is very spacious for car parking and even many people can perform the Namaz at a time.

7. Shiv Shakti Dham, Gopalmath

Shiv shakti dham temple durgapur
Pic Credits: Abhijit Routh

Shiv Shakti Dham is a new addition to the list of religious places that you can visit in Durgapur. It is a newly inaugurated Hindu temple located in the Gopalmath area of Durgapur, West Bengal.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also known as the Gopalmath Shiv Mandir.


This temple is considered one of the largest temples in Durgapur. There is a huge area with marble flooring where you can sit just after entering the temple.

8. Buddha Temple, Benachity

The Buddha Temple is one of the religious places in Durgapur. It is located in Vidya Sagar Pally in Benachity.

The Buddha statue had been bought from Thailand.

The temple is decorated beautifully with lights and flowers during the Buddha Purnima.

9. Gurudwara Jagat Sudhar, Benachity

Gurudwara is the holy place for the Sikhs to perform their prayers.

In Durgapur, such a renowned gurudwara is situated in Benachity, Durgapur.


Gurudwara Jagat Sudhar is the main Gurudwara in Durgapur, West Bengal. Built in the 1960s by the founder-president Late S. Prithpap Singh.

During special occasions, especially in Guru Purnima, the Sikhs offer water, fruit juices, or prasad to the passersby.

10. St.Theresa’s Church, City Center

durgapur crurch
Credits: Google Images/Somnath Paul

This Church is situated in City Center, Durgapur as is the religious place where ardent lovers of Jesus visit.

The church is very energetic and peaceful and there is an excellent system of preaching.

It is a wonderful Catholic Church. During Christmas and Good Friday, it’s a must-visit to the church to experience the delightful environment.

11. Piyala Kali Mandir, City Center

A very religious and old religious place in Durgapur stands beside The Grand Trunk Road near City Centre, in Durgapur.

It is popular with the local people and people offer puja in Bengali New Year, Mahalaya, Kali puja, and wedding ceremonies are also held here.

12. Bhabani Pathak Kali Temple, Bengal Ambuja

ambuja kali temple

Bhabani Pathak Kali Temple, also known as Ambuja Kali Temple or Devi Choudhurani Kali Temple is a temple of historical significance, located in the Bengal Ambuja area of Durgapur.

The history of this temple dates back hundreds of years. On the occasion of Durgapuja, Bhabani Pathak and Devi Chaudhurani organized the Pujas of Ma Bhabani that took place in this temple built by Bhabani Pathak.


Both Bhavani Pathak and Devi Chaudhurani worshipped “Ma Bhabani ” in a small mud formation under a 700-800-year-old banyan tree.

The temple premises were renovated in 2007 by a devotee of Maa Bhabani named Mamata Bajpayee.

So we explored the religious places in and around Durgapur.

We visualized how different religious places of Durgapur showcase their purity, beauty & unity all year round.

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