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Arrah shiv mandir durgapur

Rarheswar Shiv Mandir, Arrah, Durgapur – History, Significance, and details

Rarheshwar Shiv Mandir, Arrah, also known as the Arrah Shiv Mandir is located 4 km away from Muchipara, Durgapur.


It is one of the ancient Shiv Mandirs in Durgapur and is also a place of historical significance in Durgapur. It is also one of the popular religious places in Durgapur.

Arrah Rarheswar Shiv Mandir – Location

Address:  Shibtala-Gopalpur Rd, Arrah Kalinagar, Durgapur, West Bengal 713212

Arrah Rarheswar Shiv Mandir – History

The temple is almost 1000 years old. It was built by Maharaja Ballal Sen of the Rarh dynasty in 1200 A.D and during that era, the areas were termed as Rarh Desh, and hence the Shiv Linga of the temple is named the “Rarheshwar Shiv Linga”.


It is said that Lord Shiva appeared in the dreams of Raja who was suffering from a disease and said that he should build a temple in the name of Shiva to get liberated from the boon of the tough disease and thus king decided to build the temple and named it “Rarheshwar Shiv Mandir”.

It is one of the important sites preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India according to the Archaeological Act of 1958.

About – Arrah Rarheswar Shiv Mandir

The Rarheswar Shiv temple is built in Nagara Style by Sandstones and Laterites and a huge Shiva lingam is enshrined in the Sanctum Sanctorium.

The Saptharath temple was originally plastered with lime and has a characteristic Sikhara that has contemporary sharp corners unlike other temples of the area.


Any destruction, misuses, injuries caused will be subjected to punishable offenses leading to imprisonment which may extend up to 3 months or will have to provide a fine of Rs.5000 or sometimes maybe both.

The temple has a huge Shiva Lingam which is worshipped all year-round, especially in the month of Shravan.

Almost 1-2 lakh people gather to worship Lord Shiva during the time of Shravan. But during the lockdown, the temple was nearly abandoned.

Rarheswar Shiv Temple Durgapur

During the worship of lord shiva, early morning Mahadev is offered with Rudra Abhishek, Aarti. On Sundays, prayers are offered at noon.

The temple may be very old but is well maintained by the government heritage officials.

The temple is surrounded by greenery and the environment around is calm and serene for the pacification of the soul.

The greenery adds to the beauty of the place. Moreover, the Shivalinga is decorated by applying tilaks made of Sandalwood and bluebells (aparajita), china rose and kolke flowers are offered to lord shiva.


The bells and the mantras chanted creates a spiritual atmosphere inside the temple. Bhog (Prasad) is also prepared for lord shiva there. Special arrangements of Puja are made during Charak Puja or in Chaitra Sankranti.

You can also offer prayers during Shivratri to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva.

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