Ambuja Kali Temple - Unknown History, Location and details

Ambuja Kali Temple – Unknown History, Location and details

The year 2020 has been one of the toughest years in human history, complicating the lives of many, riped the seeds of sorrows among many people, and shattered the dreams of numerous others.

Nevertheless, it’s almost the end of the year.

Every year in Durgapur, lots of people flock to the best Kali Puja pandals like Amra Kojon, Dayananda Cultural, Mor Sommeloni, and others.

A lesser-known Kali temple in Durgapur is the Ambuja Kali temple Durgapur, which is also a historic site.

But how does this Kali temple relates back to the history of Durgapur?

Well, this place reveals the dynamic history of Devi Chaudhurani and Bhabani Pathak

Ambuja Kali Temple - Unknown History, Location and details
Ambuja Kali Temple

On the occasion of Durgapuja, Bhabani Pathak and Devi Chaudhurani organized the Pujas of Ma Bhabani that took place in this temple built up by Bhabani Pathak.

The temple is currently situated in the inner part of the Ambuja Colony.

Both Bhavani Pathak and Devi Chaudhurani worshipped “Ma Bhabani ” in a small mud formation under a 700-800 years old banyan tree.

The temple premises has now renovated by Mamata Bajpayee, a resident of Kolkata in the year 2007.

It is said that she dreamt of Maa Bhavani saying, “I feel very unwell in the small mud temple when the rainwater would drip on to me”.

After this, she took the initiative to built a permanent Devi Bhabani temple there.

Ambuja Kali Temple - Unknown History, Location and details
Ma Bhabani

Talking about the warrior queen Devi Chaudhurani, there is a secret underground tunnel that was constructed during the era of Mughals and British for the easy passage of Dacoits.

The cave is built of limestone, sand, and solid rocks which extended both ways to Damodar and Ajay river, with an approximate length of 30km.

This tunnel is now preserved as Bengal Ambuja Children’s Park by the Heritage Society.

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