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durgapur new market timings

Change in timings of all markets in Durgapur with new restrictions

Durgapur: The Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the Durgapur Subdivision has released a new notification with a new set of rules and guidelines regarding all bazaars, hats, market complexes, and supermarkets under the Durgapur Sub-division.

It also states some changes in the market/bazaar timings in Durgapur.


The new restrictions and guidelines will be implemented from 09.01.2022 to 31.01.2022.

The set of new rules and restrictions in all the markets/bazaars in the Durgapur Sub-Division are,

  1. Each and every shop of Bazars, Market Complexes and Super Markets of urban and rural areas will operate in alternate days. (If shop ‘A’ of a market is open on 09.01.2022, the immediate adjacent shop to shop ‘A’ will remain closed on this day but will remain open on 10.01.2022 when shop ‘A’ remains closed on this date). The concern Committee of Bazar, Market Complex and Super market will take decision as to which shops will remain open on 09.01.2022, i.e., the first day of the restriction.
  2. The shops shall remain open till 10 pm in the evening.
  3. All medicine shops shall remain open as per the guideline of the State Government.
  4. All shops selling fish, vegetables, sweets, milk shall remain open daily not beyond 10 pm.
  5. Every shopkeeper shall ensure the use of mask by both keeper and the customers. “NO MASK NO SERVICE” shall be displayed by each and every shopkeeper.
  6. Every shopkeeper shall arrange for adequate marking for maintaining physical distancing of the customers.
  7. Every bazaar/market committee shall arrange for periodic sanitization, wide publicity and miking for customer awareness.
  8. As discussed the Durgapur Municipal Corporation shall arrange for wide publicity and miking of the above restriction in all urban bazaar/market areas.
  9. BDO Kanksa and BDO Andal shall ensure the above restriction for Panagarh Bazar and Ukhra bazaar and any other large bazaar/market as deem fit.
  10. If needed resolution for shifting of some constricted markets/hats will be taken in days ahead.
  11. The Police Officials will enforce night Curfew and will also ensure that the above restrictions are followed by all concern from 09.01.2022 to 18.01.2022.


The Durgapur Municipal Corporation has released a list of newly identified containment zones in Durgapur, the details of which are provided in the article below.

Click to see the list of containment zones in Durgapur.

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