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List of newly identified containment zones in Durgapur

Durgapur: In a recent notification, the Durgapur Municipal Corporation has identified a few containment zones in Durgapur, Paschim Bardhaman.

The notification stated the list of containment zones that are identified in this city as of 08.01.2022.


This notification was released in response to the letter from the district magistrate regarding the notification of containment zones in the Paschim Bardhaman district.

The list of areas that are identified as containment zones in Durgapur are,

Ward No.Areas
Ward 10The whole street of Ashok Avenue, Sivaji Road, Ranapratap road.
Ward 22The whole street of Uday Shankar Bithi, Bengal Ambuja, Ricol Park, and Central Park.
Ward 27The whole street of Rakeya Began Path, Immon Kalyan Sarani, Silpakanan B 416, Shilpakanan Phase III, and Salanpuriya.

1043 new cases with 381 new recoveries were identified in the Paschim Bardhaman district in the last 24 hours as per the bulletin released by the West Bengal health department.


18213 new cases were identified in West Bengal as of 07.01.2022 with 7912 new recoveries.

The Durgapur Sub-Divisional magistrate has released a new notification regarding the new set of restrictions and timings for all markets under the Durgapur Sub-division. You can read about the notification in the article provided below.

Click to read about the new Durgapur market timings and restrictions.

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