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Durgapur Rath Yatra Mela 2021 canceled

Durgapur: This year also, the famous Rath Yatra Mela of Durgapur, the Chitralaya Rath Yatra Mela has been canceled for the second time in a row, as per news sources.

Previous year, the Rath Yatra Mela got canceled due to the ongoing situation.


The Durgapur Rath Yatra Mela is held every year in a grand manner in the Rajiv Gandhi Mela Maidan.

After the Mela was canceled last year, the residents of Durgapur were waiting for about a year with the hope that at least this year the Rath Yatra Mela will take place.

But sadly this year also, the Rath Yatra Mela has been canceled.

The “Snan Yatra” will be held on Thursday, 24th June, by maintaining all guidelines. People will be allowed but entry will be restricted.

Masks are mandatory and social distancing is a must.


The Rath Yatra Occasion will take place on 12th July, inside the temple premises.

Just like previous year, a temporary “Masir Bari” will be setup and ‘Jagannath dev’ will visit this place for 7 days before returning to the main temple.

Any form of gathering will not be allowed. However, people will be able to visit and have a Darshan of Jagannath Dev by maintaining strict social distance. Prasad will also be given, according to news sources.

This Mela is organized in Durgapur for 37 years with the exception of last year.

It is the ray of hope for so many people from various parts of West Bengal and from outside the state too.


For various businesses, traders and workers this Mela acts as a major source of income once a year, even for the autos, Toto drivers, and mini-buses.

Cover Photo Credits: Suman Hazra

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