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Durgapur sd hospital oxygen plant

Durgapur SD Hospital to get its own Oxygen plant

Durgapur: The number of cases all across India is increasing everyday. With the increase in the cases, the demand of oxygen is also increasing.

Many families are struggling to get a cylinder of oxygen in different parts of India.


The government is already running ‘Oxygen Express’ from various PSUs including Durgapur Steel Plant to Delhi.

Now in another move to combat the increase in demand of Oxygen in Durgapur, the Durgapur Sub-Divisional Hospital is going to get its own Oxygen Plant.

The plant is going to be set up in the hospital compound, in the area in front of the nursing hostel according to news sources.

NHAI is going to set up the plant in Durgapur SD Hospital as part of a joint initiative taken by the central and state government.


Once set up, this Oxygen plant is expected to have a production capacity of 1000 liters a day.

In the plant, oxygen will be concentrated from air, filtered and will then be converted into liquid oxygen. This liquid oxygen will then be supplied to the patients in the hospital wards via pipelines.

The oxygen production is expected to start within 7 days. Thus the patients will not have to suffer due to lack of oxygen anymore.

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