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Vaccination rumor govt action

Government to take strict action against those spreading rumors regarding vaccination

After a long wait, the corona vaccination program has finally started on Saturday morning in Durgapur as well as other parts of India. However, various rumors are being spread on social media about the side effects of this vaccine.

Naturally, there is a conflict in the minds of the people over the vaccination. Despite repeated assurances from the government about it, many people are still hesitant to participate in the vaccination program.

The government have said that in order to stop the spread of rumors regarding vaccinations, strict action will be taken this time. Various social media are being monitored continuously to see who are spreading these rumors.

According to news sources, at each vaccination center, a ‘rumor register’ will be kept, where the names of those who are spreading rumors on social media will be recorded. If necessary, strict action may be taken against them.

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Not only that, the opinion of the person who was vaccinated will also be recorded after vaccination.

According to the health department, the person should stay at the center for at least half an hour after vaccination. The doctor in charge will be there to monitor if there are any side effects after the vaccination. If necessary, arrangements will also be made to send the person to the hospital.

The central government has said that vaccination can be done properly only after all doubts about the vaccination are eliminated.

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