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neem tree milk andal

Neem tree oozes milk in Andal, creates curiosity

An old neem tree in Andal suddenly starts oozing out a sweet white material on Saturday Morning.

The incident took place in Andal’s Sukanta Pally area.

As a lot of Religious offerings take place below this neem tree, people start believing that this is something supernatural.

People started gathering in large numbers to take a look at what’s exactly happening there.

They start clicking pictures and recording videos of the incident.

Videos of it started circulating on social media and people start claiming it to be some kind of natural phenomenon as well.

After getting the news, Members of the Andal Scientific Committee came to the spot of the incident.

They examined the oozing out of the sweet white material from the neem tree and confirmed that it is not something supernatural but simple natural phenomenon.

Old neem trees sometimes ooze out this kind of sweet white material and explained in details about it to the public standing there.

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