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New type of scam targeting residents of Durgapur – Hear Call recording

We see and hear about new scams everyday. Now a new type of scam is targeting residents of Durgapur.

In this lock-down session, the activity of fraudsters has been increased vigorously.

Recently, a post of a resident of Durgapur has gone viral in social media, where the conversation between victim and a fraudster has been recorded over the phone.

In the Conversation, the fraudster introduced himself as a staff of the Durgapur Steel Employees HP gas distributor company.

He confirmed the victim’s name and Consumer ID over phone and told him his transaction history.

That’s where the fraudster gained the victim’s trust. Then he asked for the victim’s ATM card number and ID number of gas booking to link them.

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The victim clearly stated that he was carrying neither his ATM card nor his LPG gas booking ID.

Then, the fraudster threatened him telling that for not submitting his ATM card number his LPG gas supply will be cut down, and to Authorize his name again he has to pay a lump sum amount.

The victim again repeated that he wasn’t carrying both of his ATM card and gas booking ID. But, the fraudster desperately asked for his ATM card number again and again. But, the victim assured him to call back later after reaching home.

Now, here is the fact as to why it is a scam.

Your bank account is already connected to your gas connection. So, no ATM card number is needed.

Secondly, no one can cut off your gas supply without any official notice and they will definitely not call you and ask for those details.

Here is the audio of the call recording:

So if you get this kind of phone call, don’t be restless and most importantly, don’t provide any kind of bank details to them.

Be safe, and make people aware around you.

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